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Our Story

SHG Journals are Self-Help Guided Journals for Soul & Spiritual Healing & Growth. Our goal is to empower & equip you to live, love & enjoy your everyday life. The heart of SHG Journals is for the work of this organization to simply be a "Thank You" note back to God. Each work is the result of allowing the highest high and the lowest low to be a lesson. Each journal is a journey traveled. 

The Owner and Author has been a registered nurse for many years. The majority of this time was as an active-duty nurse. Collectively, each assignment was a transformative opportunity to share in the highs and lows of the human experience from people around the world. SHG Journals transcends nationalities. This journey is universal. Therefore, each journal is also a reflection of the beautiful lives that have left an imprint, a footprint along the way.

Why "Journal My Journey"? To leave roots and routes. You've endured your own highs, lows and blows. Now be determined to leave an impact, instead of continuing to endure impact. 

YOU are the journey and the destination! Happy journaling!

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